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About Reflective Renewal

Serving the Whole Teacher

As teachers, we’re asked to serve the “whole student.”
What about serving ourselves in the same way?

Let’s face it—life can be challenging. You want to be creative, nurturing and effective in the classroom, and to bring that same energy to your personal and home lives too.

Reflective Renewal provides a community of like-minded women to share, brainstorm, whine (everyone needs a pity party now and then), and inspire.

We gather teachers together, both in-person and online, to discuss and celebrate what it means to be a woman today, framed by the joyous lens of children’s literature.

Reflective Renewal is the brainchild and passion of two best friends: Lauree Ostrofsky and Christine Woodcock. It combines Lauree’s expertise as a Certified Life Coach, and Christine’s knowledge as a university professor specializing in teaching and literacy, to bring you blog posts, workshops and online forums about life’s quandaries, teaching tools, inspiring stories, and our top picks for children’s books.

We take seriously the old saying, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten – and believe that learning is an on-going process throughout life. All we really need to know we learn in children’s books.

Lauree and Christine are also both available for individual consulting.

In all of your roles—as women, teachers, mothers and more—Reflective Renewal is here for you. We hope that it is a source of fun, inspiration, and comfort!